Mutoh Toucan LT Eco-Solvent Printer Print

While at FESPA printer show in Germany this year the two owners of a print shop in South America spoke with me to ask how they could resolve their problems with their Mutoh Toucan LT eco-solvent / lite solvent printer. They indicated that their request for assistance was not answered and that only because their dealer took back the printer was their issue resolved.

So we began to check with other owners. We are trying to find another so we can see whether there is a pattern. We asked the local printer service technician and he indicated he too had heard of issues with the Mutoh Toucan LT.

In fairness to the companies involved, with almost any brand there may be problem machines, either "made on Monday" or damaged in shipment, and on occasion problems in usage (training, using another ink, whatever). But with any brand of printer, even with ones that don't have such issues, it is best to rely exclusively on looking for another printshop that has this printer. If you find a local sign shop that has a Mutoh Toucan LT, that is independent, and that you trust, simply ask them for their experiences. If this sign shop loves this printer to the point they recommend it and would themselves like to buy another, then you should consider this printer.

Mutoh Toucan LT eco-solvent printer reviews
Mutoh Toucan LT eco-solvent printer at SGIA 2004.

And in general, be sure to recognize the difference between a printer made from the beginning as a true solvent ink printer (ColorSpan, Seiko, and we presume the Mutoh Toucan, the full-Toucan) as compared with water-based printers that had solvent added (Roland and many others).

We are also checking to see which Mutoh printer is under the Charrette Duratex SP-64X shell.

Mutoh Toucan LT eco-solvent printer evaluations
The Mutoh Toucan LT eco-solvent printer also was exhibited at SGIA trade show 2006.
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Samples printed by the Mutoh Toucan LT.

Increasingly printshop owners are becoming conscious of the issues of VOCs and other aspects of solvent inks. As a result HP recently announced a new water-based latex ink initiative. Professor Nicholas Hellmuth is being trained by HP for an evaluation of the pros and cons of this novel new ink chemistry. Reports will be issued later this spring and summer when we acquire experience with the new HP latex ink.

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First posted June 23, 2005.