IR infrared heating units from BBC for drying solvent ink prints from Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland Print

Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh, Seiko, and HP Designjet 9000s, 8000s, and 10000s solvent printers often don’t have enough post-print dryers built into their chassis. Their on-board dryers simply are not enough. The Mimaki JV5-130S, JV5-160S and Mimaki JV33 would be excellent examples of solvent printers that need an after-market optional.

BBC Industries, Black Body Digi IR infrared heater
Black Body Digi Dry IR infrared heater

Optional infrared IR dryers for lite-solvent HP Designjet 9000s, HP 10000s, HP 8000s

While visiting a large and successful printshop in the US, I noticed that their optional infrared IR dryer for their HP Designjet 10000s was rolled out of the way and sort of permanently parked away from the lite solvent printer. So I asked why the HP Designjet High Speed Dryer was not in front of the solvent printer. They answered that the optional HP dryer that came with the printer was not adequate, and that they had ordered a Black Body IR dryer from BBC Industries in Missouri.

Since Nicholas Hellmuth grew up in St Louis, it is little surprise that he has had an office here for many years. So recently he visited BBC Industries in their new and larger factory in Pacific, Missouri. In the future we hope to have photographs and evaluation of the BBC IR heater/dryer system for solvent printers.

BBC Industries, Black Body IR heaters for drying solvent printers

DD54-1000-120-DS, DD64-120-120V-DS, DD72-1350-120V-DS are a few of the models of IR solvent ink drying equipment that BBC industries offer. BBC also offers 220V versions of most of these.

Black Body IR heater for drying solvent printer
Infrared IR dryer panle
IR infrared heating unit from BBC for drying solvent ink

Compare prices for other optional IR infrared heaters dryers

If you do cost comparisons you end up finding mention of other external IR dryers for solvent printers. But I have not seen any of these at ISA or SGIA or even FESPA. Since I see BBC Black Body IR dryers everywhere, I do not have any information on the other brands.

DU-540 dryer and blower system for Roland
SPE infrared dryer
Technotrans IR dryer

DRI offers radient electric drying and heating systems, but I have not seen any DRI units at ISA or SGIA, whereas I see BBC Industries Black Body IR dryers at major international trade shows frequently.

PAT Technology offers their PAT Captivair charcoal filter purification system also has an infrared dryer. But if you simply want to dry the solvent ink prints, then if you compare prices, a Black Body Digi Dry IR dryer from BBC Industries is lower cost.
While on the subject of ventilation and solvent ink VOCs and fumes extraction systems, we mention Island Clean Air (ICA) Duster.

BBC Industries also makes a dye sublimation dryer

BBC Industries also makes a dye sublimation dryer, their Model DSD70-10600, 240V-DS. FLAAR reviews dye sublimation inkjet printer calendaring machines on our sister site.


First posted May 26, 2008.