Another printer trade expo collapses Print

Another printer trade expo collapses

Posted September 23, 2012

It is sad to learn today that a major international expo has lost so many exhibitors that "collapsed" is the most polite word we can use.

We at FLAAR enjoy attending printer, photo, and 3D trade shows around the year. We are now consultants to four expositions (helping them with suggestions based on our 15 years experience).

But we are not consultants for every expo. Some expos are convinced they will survive no matter how they act.

We are now preparing analyses of each printer, photo equipment, and 3D exposition that we have attended, to document clearly what are the specific mistakes being made (each expo is different from others). We are also doing analysis of trade show booths of manufacturers and distributors, to help exhibitors create a better presence.

These crucial FLAAR Reports are available for exhibitors as well as trade show organizers who subscribe.

Plus, if you are a manufacturer, or distributor, or printshop owner or manager, we have ample experience to assist you to decide which expo to attend and which expo is optimal to exhibit at. Write FrontDesk "at" to request consulting. You can then speak in-person, or via Skype, with Nicholas Hellmuth.