The most complete Chinese signage expo: Inkjet + LED + entire signage workflow Print

The most complete Chinese signage expo: Inkjet + LED + entire signage workflow

Updated March 5, 2013. Posted Feb 18, 2013

Signage products in China are worth coming directly to China to experience. Here the market prices are quite low that fit any budget and often matching the quality of European or American brands (after all, the same factories now make the media, substrates, and even printers of brands in USA, Europe, and even Japan).

Year after year we can see the increase in exhibitors at the fair, as everyone wants to be present in such a great market. That is why if you are interested in expanding the market in your country or increase your workflow APPPEXPO trade show is one of the worldwide trade shows you should attend. We look forward to a healthy exhibitors list at APPPEXPO 2013 in Shanghai thus July 10-13.

FLAAR also provides assistance and consulting services for distributors and print shop owners from around the world who prefer to have a personal guided visit to pertinent booths at APPPEXPO with Dr Nicholas Hellmuth.

Now that Epson has cut-off the world supply of DX5 printheads, the repercussions in the Chinese printer industry needs to be understood (another reason to attend APPPEXPO in Shanghai this July; what if Epson also cuts off supply of DX7 heads!). Or, what if the Chinese can defuse the software blockage that Epson has started to build inside their printheads (to keep even Mimaki from using them?!).

Plus we at FLAAR Reports are interested in evaluating Chinese inks, substrates, printers and cutters and we enjoy interacting with the capable and hard-working wide-format company people of China.

This expo in Shanghai is larger than every expo in USA all year long all put together.

This July expo in Shanghai is larger than every European expo all put together.

What distinguishes the Shanghai expo is that:

  • The manufacturers exhibit (not just local Chinese city distributors). This is important, since to attract people from USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America (including Brazil), Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia) they want to meet the actual manufacturers.
  • There is a full gamut of manufacturers, at least most of the brand names.
  • Four day period (for a really large expo, three days are not enough).

If you wish consulting services with Dr Nicholas at this July expo, be sure to reserve time now, well in advance, by writing FrontDesk "at"