Worth Attending, indeed SIX of us at FLAAR were there Print

Worth Attending, indeed SIX of us at FLAAR were there

Updated January 22, 2015. Previously updated Dec 22, 2014 and May 27, 2014; first posted April, 2014

Every year we send our team of evaluators to the major trade shows around the world. After 15 years experience attending printer and signage trade shows, we know which expos are worth the effort (and which expos are no longer worth visiting: we really enjoyed VISCOM Madrid, but stopped going already six years ago).

Istanbul City as a Destination for Sign Istanbul 2014

I went to VISCOM Milano every single year: but stopped going in 2012 (because most Italian colleagues said it was no longer worth attending (FESPA in Europe had a wider range of products, so we will attend FESPA 2015 in Cologne)).

Many colleagues in Brazil said due to new ownership (same owners as IPEX in the UK) and new location, that the once-immense Serigrafia, Sign, Future Textil (sic) was no longer worth flying so far and incurring all the costs of airfare, hotel, and meals. We really hope these expos can recuperate and return to growth, but until they improve we do not attend.

APPPEXPO in Shanghai we have attended for about seven years. First I went by myself. It was so large that next year I returned with an assistant. Every year I added more staff since the expo kept growing (now we send at least six of us to APPPPEXPO 2015.

Realize that for 2015 this massive printer and signage expo is now in March (and in a different expo center in Shanghai).

Shanghai is a remarkable city (and definitely less crime than Atlanta expo area in USA!).

People in China are friendly and the staff in the booths speak better English than in any expo in two other countries (to be polite I will not name the other countries, but in both there was no interest in speaking English or even Spanish or German or any other major international language).

So Shanghai is a great place to visit. We hope to see you here this March (2015). To get an attendee pass, sign up and register here: www.apppexpo.com/2/EN/Visitor

Below are the FLAAR Reports for APPPEXPO from a recent year; these can serve as a "what to expect" for APPPEXPO 2015.