First printer & signage expo in USA: GoA 2015 in Miami Print

First printer & signage expo in USA: GoA 2015 in Miami

First posted Dec. 22, 2014

We have noticed that many print shop owners, managers, and distributors and manufacturers keep an eye on which expos FLAAR attends. So to help planning we are announcing already now in December, what expos we will attend in 2015.

Graphics of the Americas is an expo we have attended 8 years out of the last 10 years. Plus Dr Nicholas Hellmuth gives lectures on the world of wide-format inkjet each year now for several years.

Two of us from FLAAR will fly up to GOA 2015 in the popular South Beach area of Miami Beach, Florida.

If you are from Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, South America, or across the USA and Canada we hope to see you here, 26-28 February.

You can ask for a consulting session with Dr Nicholas by writing for availability and fee schedule at FrontDesk "at"

Of course you can also attend the lectures (in Spanish, and other topics in English) and there is no consulting fee. But many people also like to receive a full Subscription to TRENDs level FLAAR Reports, which is included if you sign up for a consulting session.

You can also fly Dr Nicholas to your company headquarters so that your entire team can ask their questions.